Logo on letter templates?


Can we please have a log on letter templates? That would be super useful!



You can actually do this now, @Belinda :raised_hands:!

Head to Settings → Documents & Printing and you’ll see an area to upload your logo as well as an option to select whether they display on Letters or not.

Here’s a video walk-through of the process:

I hope this helps :smile:!

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Thank you! Very helpful… :slight_smile:

Can you put your electronic signature on letters? Then my love for cliniko will be complete … hehe



There isn’t a feature currently to include electronic signatures within Letters but it’s been highly requested for Letters! So hopefully it’s something we’ll focus on and release in the future :raised_hands:!

Until then, I hope you can still find ways to love us @Belinda :heart_eyes:



Haha@Rachel think I can find a way… :smile: Thanks for all the good work the Cliniko team does…

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