Login for patients booking in

Hi It would be good for patients new and old to be able to login to book and cancel appointments. Currently you have to put all your details in which is quite tedious and time consuming.


Hi Mark,
I agree totally!!! What I do say to new clients is to save their details when they login
as that saves time when they come back. But it would make a huge difference in the amount
of time you spend dealing with changing and cancelling appointments. I generally love cliniko
but I’ve had so many people late cancelling because they can’t manage their own appointments
that I have started to consider looking at other appointment systems where they can do this. It’s costing a lot in time and lost revenue.


Couldn’t agree more. Also it would allow people to change their email address extra, which they currently can’t do themselves, although the current booking system does lead them to believe that they can.

Please cliniko, create an optional patient login.


Hi Mark - I appreciate this is not a direct answer to your query, but I believe it is a solution that improves your patients’ journey. I have set it out in steps below (along with the benefits):

1- Divert patient calls to a third party Cliniko reception service (I declare a vested interest. Our company, Paperclip, provides such a service. Other similar service providers are available!). You could have a special line for appointments, or divert all calls.
2 - Encourage patients to call the appointments hotline if they need to arrange/cancel/rearrange an appointment.
3 - When a call is received, the Paperclip team answer as though they are a member of your practice.
4 - The Paperclip team has direct access to the appointments area of your Cliniko account and can therefore change/rearrange appointments without your patient having to input any data.
5 - You can ask the Paperclip team to collect basic data which could help you prepare for the patient’s treatment, or make a note of any comments from the patient.
6 - Your patient enjoys human interaction and feels ‘valued’.
7 - You can reduce ‘no shows’ and ‘cancellations’ by sending out an email reminder a couple of days before the appointment (I believe this can be done within Cliniko without third-party involvement).
8 - Paperclip can also provide the same service to your patients that send in emails requesting appointment changes/cancellations.

A downside is that there is a nominal cost for using a service like Paperclip. Also, some patients may prefer a digital interface (although, in our experience, the opportunity to speak to someone is valued very highly).

Happy to answer any questions.




i would also like this but id like it to be an optional box and not required box.

as some people dont want to login they just want to pay for a treatment and turn up.

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