Log in from the Cliniko website is easy again

Hi Everyone,

If you use Cliniko, you likely know, late last year we changed the way log in works from the Cliniko website.

This was met with feedback like:

  • “This update is terrible”
  • “All of my admin staff are having trouble logging in.”
  • “Nightmare for associates this morning trying to make this work.”
  • “Terrible update. Can you turn it off?”

We’d obviously made a mistake, and we posted about that here https://www.cliniko.com/blog/news/we-made-some-mistakes-with-the-new-log-in-changes/ 4.

Now’s our chance to set things right. We’ve changed the log in page again, but before you get worried, it’s back to the good old days.

As mentioned in the blog post, there were two reasons for the change. Security, and also to accommodate our ability to store your information in your own region.

On the security side, the improvement was to not show the Cliniko accounts linked to your email address. In hindsight, this was not a big improvement, and the inconvenience caused, far outweighed the benefit. It didn’t actually impact someone’s ability to access your Cliniko account, they’d still need your username and password (and hopefully a 2FA token too if you have that turned on).

To accommodate the different regions, well we can achieve that without changing the log in process, and that’s exactly what we’ve done now.

Now when you log in from the Cliniko website (by choosing “Log in” at www.cliniko.com), you’ll be asked for your email address.

After entering your email address, you’ll either be taken directly to your log in page, or be presented with your accounts (if you have more than one).

On your log in page, just enter your password, as normal.

That’s it.

As a bonus, Cliniko will remember your account if you chose “keep me logged in on this computer” when logging in. That way, you won’t need to enter your email address, if you’re on the same computer. So actually, this new ‘update’ is even a tad better than it used to be.

Hopefully logging into Cliniko is once again, the thing you most look forward to each morning! :blush: