Link multiple contacts to a patient - not just "Referring Doctor"


In the interest of supporting a multidisciplinary approach, it would be extremely beneficial to link more than one contact to a patient’s file. “Referring Doctor” is great, but most patients have more than their doctor that need to be kept in regular contact with to achieve the best patient outcomes and writing these in the notes section to keep track of them is a poor solution.

Having another field like “Other Providers” or “Health Team” with a link to contacts where we can add multiple contacts would be great.

Other features for contacts:

  • Being able to create a new contact from within the patient file when it doesn’t previously exist

  • Being able to generate a list of clients that have a particular contact in common - when we meet with other practitioners it would be SO useful to be able to generate a list of our mutual patients to discuss

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  • creating a new contact for a 3rd party payer such as TAC, to know how much their total owing is to the clinic instead of going through each individual open invoice to check if they are a private payer or a 3rd party payer…