Limiting online appts for repeat offenders


I’ve been a loyal cliniko fan and hope to continue to be but I’m frustrated it seems to be lagging behind Timely & Power Diary in terms of some important features:

  • Setting high-risk client alerts for admin staff- Timely won’t let them book without admin ok if repeat no-shows etc
  • Using online bookings to reduce no-shows + a waitlist the pt can place themselves on at time of booking
  • Payment collection for missed appointments

Are there any plans to address some of these pls?


I would LOVE a function that a client who is looking for an online appt could put themselves on a wait list / cancellation list if they cant find a time that suits them or one soon enough- we do say to contact us if they cant find what they need but doing it themselves would be really helpful


Would also love to be able to have a setting so that these clients cannot book an online appointment unless they pre pay… I dont want all my clients to have to do this though so i leave it as optional but definitely would be good to force repeat offenders to pre pay.


You can already insist on prepay by appt types but not by rpt offender.

Timely allows these rpt offenders, when they try and rebook, to be rejected manually by staff.

I’d love an option where repeat offenders get flagged & have to pay the full fee for eg on booking