Limiting availability of new client bookings each week

Would love to see the ability to limit new client online bookings to x number a week.

As I’m becoming increasingly busy, I want to make sure that my regular therapy clients have access to weekly appointments, instead of these times being booked by new clients for an assessment.

For example, if I have decided to only have 3 new client appointments available each week, once they are booked, any additional new clients assessment bookings are automatically excluded from booking that week and are bumped onto a following week - despite there still being some appointments available. These appointments then remain available for regular clients.

There is nothing more frustrating than for clients who have already waited for long periods to see a clinician for an assessment, to then have to wait again for ongoing therapy appointments.


I’d be interested to see how this pans out. I can’t use online bookings for reasons like this… I have a filler appointment that I use to pencil clients into their regular spot on a recurring basis, and I manually change each one at the end of the previous session. Otherwise my diary would be in carnage!


We’re interested in this feature too, not just for NP’s but for all appt types so that we can have better control of the flow and less free-for-all on our booking schedule so that some are left for receptionist to book.
Having better control of our schedule is so important - right now we’re using tons or unavailable spots to block off and its very messy and adds work for our admins to remember to unblock the next days’ spots at the end of the day for online booking access…

Ideally, appt types should have a box that says available during X and Y hours / days of the week

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Yes…I’m doing the same thing - overusing unavailable blocks in order to keep new patients from booking in. It’s not ideal at all.

I would love to see some more flexibility in this. I can’t imagine it would be hard to include as a feature.

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