Limit scheduler/receptionist access to different business locations

Hi all,

Wish to request an additional feature where Schedulers and/or receptionists (basically, all the different types of users) can be limited to what locations they have access to.

I have 3 different locations that I use from my Cliniko account for 1 practitioner. One location, a medical centre, is changing their practice management software and I want to limit the doubling up of booking (booking patients in their system, and then re-adding them into mine). The centre manages all my bookings.

I want to enable a Scheduler account for the practice so they can log into Cliniko and book appointments directly. This also enables me to check and adjust appointments when i am not there.

However, I only want them to be able to see the calendar for that location. I don’t mind if they have access to searching all patients, however I don’t want them to see/be able to book appointments in other locations.

Even if the default setting is that all users have access to all locations, but allow admins to remove “seeing”/access ability to one or more locations for those of us with multiple areas.


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I would love this feature also!
We visit multiple locations and it would be great to give the local receptionist access to schedule appointments for their location without them having access to all the other locations we visit.