Limit Access to Cliniko Based on Device

I can limit which devices (PCs/Laptops) have access to the practices Google @ Work Pages. I think Facebook has a similar option with 2FA.

Is there a feature to do the same in Cliniko? I want staff only to access the Cliniko web pages at our clinic on approved PCs and not from home.


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Please Cliniko can you comment on this as in a three storey building with mutiple areas using cliniko mobile devices is not practical. 2FA on the device would really help.

Hi @mandrews71 and @Jean, thanks for the feedback on this. There’s not currently a feature to limit access per device; Cliniko is designed to be accessible from any device at any time. This means that a user can log in on their computer at work, their iPad at home, or their phone while they’re out and about. There won’t be a way to restrict this, I’m sorry.

You can require that each user on your account enable 2FA, and you can also set things up so that people will be logged out automatically after a set period of inactivity, but as it stands, there is not going to be a way, within Cliniko’s settings, to completely block a specific device from accessing it. Enabling account-wide 2FA requirements and setting the automatic session timeout feature will both be important ways that you can ensure the security of your account, however.

Let us know if you had any other questions,