Letters - adding contact details from address book

Please please please can the letter section in Cliniko be updated!

I love this system, but I am finding the letters part really frustrating. Currently I am having to just write in a word document and fill in all the patient and contact details, its so time consuming.

The previous PMS I used allowed me to auto fill all patients details, as well as look up the specialists/GP’s contact details in the system and automatically pull them through to the letter. (not just the referring GP details)

This would save me a ton of time - or is there an integration that could help with this?

Keep up the great work guys!

+1 - PLEASE make this a priority. Cliniko is awful for letter generation compared with other PM software. Letters are a huge part of our day-to=day work, and currently word and fax are better than Cliniko (that’s crazy). As a separate part - please add support for secure message interaction - like Healthlink - so letters can be sent securely to GPs.