Letters - adding contact details from address book

Please please please can the letter section in Cliniko be updated!

I love this system, but I am finding the letters part really frustrating. Currently I am having to just write in a word document and fill in all the patient and contact details, its so time consuming.

The previous PMS I used allowed me to auto fill all patients details, as well as look up the specialists/GP’s contact details in the system and automatically pull them through to the letter. (not just the referring GP details)

This would save me a ton of time - or is there an integration that could help with this?

Keep up the great work guys!


+1 - PLEASE make this a priority. Cliniko is awful for letter generation compared with other PM software. Letters are a huge part of our day-to=day work, and currently word and fax are better than Cliniko (that’s crazy). As a separate part - please add support for secure message interaction - like Healthlink - so letters can be sent securely to GPs.


AGREED!! Yes Please!

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Yes . I think this needs improvement, along with sending emails that can be sent and stored inside Cliniko

I’m not sure what you guys mean about patient details because you can select [patient name] etc that will auto fill in the letter. Can you pls clarify?
I think that it would be REALLY helpful/timesaver to be able to send a mass email a letter - for example if we are recalling 110 pregnant patients in the past 3 months it would be helpful to be able to pull a report with exactly the names/contact/dates and then create a letter based on those details (Hi Julie, you’re last appointment was…) and select the group to send to (instead of manually sending each one).

Yes yes yes! Letter system is so out-dated and lacking in useful features. I have used competitor systems that do this SO much better. It’s frustrating to have the contact details sitting in the system but not be able to simply choose one of the contacts to address the letter to. Please make this an urgent priority to update

Hey Kym,

When you’re creating a template, if you use the placeholders for a “Contact”, you’ll then choose a contact in your list at the time of generating the letter, and use all of their details. That should work well for getting a letter addressed to the correct person!