Letter Template Logos


We send both letters and emails using the letter template section. When we print letters we do so on letter-headed paper which contains our logo. We would like our logo to appear on emails but do not want them on printed letters. The feature we request is the ability to specify whether a logo appears on a template per template rather than on all as a general setting. Thanks


Same here, that would be very useful to me.

Or on a per receipt / invoice basis.

Clicking print would give a dialogue with an option to choose to have the logo or not, but emails always have it???


Hi ascott and alexgreen! Although we don’t have a feature like that at present, my best advice is that when you have a letter or invoice that you want to send without a logo, have the Settings → Data & docs → Documents & printing page open in another tab, so that you can quickly disable to logo, and then re-enable it after your document is sent. Hope this helps!


Thanks, that’s pretty much what I do but the reception team can’t as they don’t have those admin privileges. They aren’t employed by me so training them up is a bit tricky and tbh I wouldn’t employ any of them as the simple stuff is often too hard let alone something like this!

Hope it becomes an option soon is