Less autocomplete…more happiness!


So, there’s this thing called autocomplete…it’s a feature of most browsers that tries to be helpful by “remembering” what you recently typed into specific fields. Sometimes, it is indeed quite helpful! But other times—and particularly when you’re editing patient information in Cliniko—autocomplete is kind of a pain. It likes to “think” that a different patient’s name should go into the “name” field, or a different phone number should go into the “phone” field.

It would look something like this while “in action”:

For example, take patient Sally Smith. Maybe you were editing her details, and when you went back to check something after saving, all of a sudden Sally is Dave Davidson. Or has some other phone number or email address that is most definitely not hers is showing up in her profile! Yikes! That would have been your browser’s autocomplete function going wild, and inputting information that it thought should go there, based on what had previously been typed into that field.

Well, no longer! We’ve changed things so that autocomplete will be disabled within your browser, meaning that Sally should always remain Sally, with her phone number, and her email address—you get the idea!

This should certainly make things a little easier if autocomplete was proving to be an annoying bee in your bonnet. :honeybee:

Just note that autocomplete is different to autofill, which is a different setting within your browser that is used to store contact information. Sometimes, certain fields in your browser window will try to utilise stored information from autocomplete (such as an address). You can turn autofill off to help ensure that this doesn’t happen, if you want!

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would be great if you could turn on auto complete for just the invoice to email address, i regularly email insurance companies and not having to type the whole email was a time saver.