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The Need for Better Patient Engagement
Patient engagement is an integral part of healthcare and a critical component of safe people-centred services. Engaged patients are better able to make informed decisions about their care options. In addition, resources may be better used if they are aligned with patients’ priorities and this is critical for the sustainability of health systems worldwide.

Klinicon offers a comprehensive platform designed from the ground up to provide the tools, expertise, and support you need to enhance patient engagement and successfully deliver value-based services.

Key Challenges Medical Providers Face:

How to meet staffing requirements and not to interfere with other clinical care management responsibilities. Coordinating various and incongruent communications, messaging and touchpoints with patients. Reaching and engaging patients to complete targeted activities and take action. Fine tuning campaigns.

Comprehensive, Seamless Patient Engagement
Send Automated Reminders & Confirmations
Decrease No-Shows by sending automated appointment reminders that improve your confirmation rate and keep your schedule full.

Increase Customer Recall & Loyalty Stay top-of-mind with your customers by sending out one-click custom email & prepared campaigns that nurture loyalty, send routine reminders, and increase return visits.

Improve Patient Experience The success of building a patient-friendly environment depends on being able to communicate and engage on a personalised level.

Targeted Follow Up Targeted engagement is fulfilled through automated workflows.

Modular Design We welcome the opportunity to discuss options for creating a seamless patient engagement experience. We have proven capabilities in delivering Digital Business Transformation.

Shifting the Industry for Better Patient Engagement Better patient engagement is a universal goal for health care providers. Klinicon is committed to providing patients with detailed medical information, topic specific articles, targeted campaigns and services, improve workflow efficiency, and work towards better outcomes for practitioners and patients.

Technology is in every aspect of our daily lives and has reached far and wide in all conceivable industries, Klinicon can quickly, efficiently and reliably take on the repetitive tasks to ensure Practitioners focus most on what is important - their patients.

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