JotForm integration

Really hope JotForm is on the list - super easy to work with, and tech support is really good.

Has HIPPA compliant option as well.

Don’t re-invent the wheel and develop your own - there’s already great solutions out there.


Ooh yeah we moved from Cliniqapps which has horrendous consistency and big problems getting intake forms sent to clients to jotform which is much better. If there was jotform integration that would be HUGE

Hey folks!

As the data would be flowing from JotForm to Cliniko, it’d logically be JotForm that builds the integration/form app. They already have a list of services they integrate with, so it might be worth enquiring with them? You may already know that Cliniko has an API available for 3rd party integrators, so the work from JotForm’s side will be just working with that to push form-data into your Cliniko account.

With the exception of MailChimp, Xero, Facebook and Medipass (where Cliniko needs to push data to the service), most 3rd party services will be pushing data to Cliniko, so the integration component would lie with them.

Of course, you need to DYOR on whether JotForm is suitable for your patients’ data, based on your profession/modality, legislative requirements in your country, and so on.


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That would be great - so much better than Google Forms!

Has anyone approached JotTorms as suggested?

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They do have an option for HIPPA compliance to add an extra layer of security for sensitive information.

Haven’t had a chance to look further as yet, but will checkout JotForms further to see if it can be integrated - or put it on a wish list at least. Cliniko’s Forms feature isn’t bad, but I find a big omission is not having capacity for placeholders, i.e. {{Patient.PreferredFirstName}} , like they do in the Letters function.

Handy for doing a Contact Details update, where the form prefills with the client’s existing contact info and they can check that what we have is up to date. You do need placeholders(form fields) for this tho.

As yet, JotForm doesn’t have Cliniko integration unfortunately.