Is there a way to import public holidays?


New user here. I’m super impressed with Cliniko and look forward to using it for my growing business!

I was wondering if there was a way to import local public holidays into the calendar somehow? I know the Calendar on my Mac does this (not sure if the info is fed through my gmail or not). I thought this feature would be very handy.

How do people currently manage this? Should I manually enter them all in at the start of the year?



Hi there! I’m SO sorry for the very, very delayed answer here—I never saw a notification for this message. :disappointed:You’ve probably already done what you needed to do with public holidays, but the answer to the question is that there isn’t a way to import them. They would need to be entered manually using the unavailable blocks:

Please do let us know if there are other questions, and again, I’m so sorry for missing this in the first place!