iPad & online Patient Intake forms ๐Ÿ™Œ 100% Free- Provided by Cliniq Apps


Patient Forms as a gift from Cliniq Apps

:racehorse: Design your own patient forms

  • Define your own questions
  • Define your own colours
  • Add your own image / logo

:racehorse: Instantly updates your Cliniko โ€˜Patient Recordsโ€™ , โ€™ Patient Notesโ€™ and adds a draft Treatment note. Automatically updates Privacy Policy accepted in Cliniko.

:racehorse: In-practice on iPads / Kiosks. Online as a link in your website.

:racehorse: Make as many iPad โ€˜Appsโ€™ and online forms as you want for each required occasion -> patient Intake , consent , follow-up etc.

:racehorse: Works as an iPad โ€˜appโ€™ , online form , Android or any other device with a screen!

:racehorse: No need for reception desk interaction -> Automatic detection of Next / Last appointment -> Automatic detection of Next / Last practitioner. Forms automatically refresh themselves to be used on iPad stands.

:racehorse: Treatment Notes can go to the practitioner of your choice.

:volcano: 100% FREE :volcano: and FOREVER FREE

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Provided to you by Cliniq Apps


Seems great, hopefully not too to be true :+1: :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


Hi Marty,

We believe the best patient experience is when they fill the forms at their own convenience when they receive them via email and SMS. In-practice forms are just for patients that walk in without prior appointment.
Although in-practice forms are good and save time, streamlining patient experience and minimising wait time and staff load via SMS and Email forms is one of our main offerings that we charge a small free for them. :blush:


Sorry but confused is just in practice forms you charge for thanks


In-practice and online forms are free. Our Practice Dashboard is also free. We charge for the rest of our services.