Ipad Check in and Request to Fill Patients forms

Now that we have the option of doing patient forms via Cliniko direct and not through a 3rd party app like cliniapps or finger ink we’ve found the whole process to be so much easier and user friendly for patients so big pat on the back to cliniko. However, We still do want the ability to have online checkins (from the patients phone) or a kiosk check in (on an ipad in reception) both with the ability to remind a patient to fill out the forms for their appointment if they have yet to do so which are already attached to that appointment. You could even very easily have a button for book now linked to the cliniko online booking system as well from the same check in homepage if you get walk in customers.

At the moment if we use the 3rd party app it creates a separate method of collecting forms (if they havent filled it out via our reminder and confirmation emails via cliniko) which deviates from our systems already set in place. This complicates things as some patients fill it out via cliniko and some via cliniqapps and they all end up in different places on the patients cliniko account, some in forms, some in PDF format etc.

Can Cliniko implement a kiosk check in system that we can use on an ipad without us using a 3rd party app or intergation. This will streamline a lot of the process’s we have for patients.