Invoicing multiple clients to a business/employer


We have quite a few clients that we treat from the same employer/business. As these clients are covered by employer funded/work cover we are hoping to merge these clients into an employer folder/sub-banner. So instead of individually invoicing, we could invoice/send account statements of several clients at once to that same employer. Would save a lot of time when chasing payments.


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Hi @GeorgieProactive, this is something that I know would benefit a lot of people! Being able to group patients together under one main organization/group isn’t something that we’re working on at the moment, but if we do, we will certainly let everyone know when it’s ready!

Right now, you could get this information out of Cliniko, though it’s somewhat manual. If you include the paying party in the “Invoice to” field in the patient details, you could then run a data export for invoices and filter the spreadsheet by the column called “Invoice to”. You could filter invoices that belonged only patients who had the relevant third party details in that column, and this would be the list that you could then provide to that third party. As mentioned, it is more manual than being able to simply group patients together under an organization and email a bulk statement, but it would be the only option at the moment if you were looking for a way to get that information from Cliniko.

Please let us know if you had any other questions on anything at the moment!


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Noted! Didn’t know you could do this.