Invoicing for Medicare Care Plan (GPMP)


Can I please ask - how do practice owners manage the invoicing for Medicare care plan patients?
Medicare require an invoice with date of referral, GP provider number, physio provider number, date of service and also code 10960 for physio and date of service.
How do you set this up on invoices?
Where is all of this relevant info entered?

Alos very interested to know what methods anyone is using to track the number of visits medicare patents are permitted (up to 5 visits usually).

Thank you - hopeful of finding the best solution!


Hi Emily,
We put the info in the notes section of a patients details ie EPC (5), Ref Date and Drs provider number for quick access - then use the medicare number and ref section for Medicare Card details.
We submit the claims directly through our HICAPS terminal - but have the appt’s set up as a an EPC type which correlates to a specific EPC Billable item with all the details needed for invoices if that makes sense (you could use the extra invoice info box for this for invoicing).
To keep track of numbers we just put a note each time they come saying 2/4 etc - not ideal as sometimes this gets forgotten but seems to work ok - also with the quick details in notes we can cross check invoices to keep track and double check numbers if need be. I have put in a feature request for tracking of treatment numbers already as we need it for WorkCover and TP patients also so hopefully they consider this as an important update soon - fingers crossed. Hope that helps.
Cheers, Taryn


Hi Taryn,

Thank you so much for sharing this - it is really helpful.
We were kind of heading that way, but it is great to hear where you store the info.

Thanks again
Emily :slight_smile: