Invoicing 3rd Parties

I know a lot of people are asking for healthcode integration, which would be amazing! Another option would be to have 3rd party contacts built into the system which you could choose to invoice when creating an invoice.

For example having a list of the regular health insurance providers and their details stored in a 3rd party section and a drop down box in the invoice section which says “invoice to” and choose from that list of 3rd party contacts. It would also work great for reporting as you could report on how many have been invoiced to what 3rd party etc.

I know you can input 3rd party details into patient details and “email other” but that is time consuming and there is room for error as you have to input the same into every persons details. where as if it was integrated into the invoice section you could automatically populate the required person/company to invoice with a drop down box and that could grab their “Policy Number” and “Authorisation Number” which could be stored in their patient details section and place it on the invoice.

This also allows you to pick and choose who you invoice each time.



I second this. It is very disappointing to not have this feature. Instead of having to manually enter the invoice to address and email it would be much easier if the invoice to field was able to search contacts. That way you could enter the details once under ‘Contacts’ then when it comes to invoice you can search them by company name.

We have an OT business and only ever invoice case managers, insurers etc. Anyone that sees NDIS clients I assume would have the same problem with invoicing third parties. Considering that so many professions and clinics in Australia would see NDIS clients I’m a bit surprised this function hasn’t gotten any attention or at least been raised more.

Up voted as well. We have a 3rd party that funds a dollar value each qtr that acts as a credit on their account, as specific patients have their consultations we allocate the amount billed against the available credit.

We also have a 3rd party who is billed weekly for multiple patient consultations and would be great to send an email with the weeks Tax Inovices attached in one PDF.


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Come on Cliniko. Please add this.

  1. A dropdown field in the client details to select the contact for invoicing

  2. An ability to select multiple appointments when invoicing a client. Just have the current dropdown list changed to a checkbox list that populates them all into the invoice and voilà. Easy :pray:t2:

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Hi Cliniko, please add this feature! We all need it!