Invoices with multiple patients

We see a few families, and it would be great if we could add multiple patients to a single invoice. It would make billing a lot easier!


I can see how this would be useful! Having “group invoicing” is something we’d like to offer; there’s no ETA yet, but it’s definitely on our personal wish list, and I hope that we can see it become a reality at some point. We’ll definitely let everyone know when and if there is progress on this!



This would be so useful for us too.

We have one particular 3rd party that requires us to invoice at the end of every month for every patient that was discharged that month.

I would love this option as well!
We process the claim through HICAPS & Eftpos together but then have to individually split it up into the different patients invoices. It would be so useful to have a check box in the invoice screen to select multiple invoices to pay at once on one receipt, like when you have one patient who is paying for multiple of their own invoices.

This would be really, really great for us as well.

Hi Emily, is group invoicing available yet?