Invoices that don't always integrate with Xero

Any one else would be interested in having the ability to not sync all invoices to Xero or be able to integrate with multiple Xero accounts?

My therapists are working for themselves, and they create their own invoices for their clients, even though I am the one offering the database and booking system. Their names and profiles are on my account, but they want the simplicity of invoicing via Cliniko with one click, rather than going home later and creating their own. I have looked at ways to do that, but it looks like no matter what I do, Cliniko will always redirect sales to my Xero account, which is not ideal if the sale is not mine.

Would be great if there were ways for them to create an invoice for the client, but for Cliniko to not register that sale for My business, but instead for theirs, then create a whole report for themselves, etc, just like its another business using my account. I would still pay for the membership, and they use my database.

Makes sense?