Invoices - sent symbol or similar

I may just be getting used to this system but it seems you have to go between different pages to see if an invoice has been sent which is slow when checking multiple invoices which may be out of order. It would be great if for example on the invoices page there was a simple wee symbol (or similar) to show if invoices have been emailed. Rather than having to go back and check thru all the communications.


Yes! I agree. This is very frustrating and inefficient.

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This would be so useful to make sure that staff members are actually sending off invoices to plan managers or 3rd party payers. Since the roll out of NDIS we often don’t bill on our in house EFTPOS terminal nearly as much as we used to. Something to quickly note if staff had sent off invoices to the respective payers would be great. This is a concept of what I think it could look like

(Note: The invoice screen is a screenshot from the Cliniko’s Help guide and is not REAL patient invoices, for anyone wondering)