Invoices and Receipts


Hello fellow Cliniko users. I would really like to see a separation of “Invoices” and “Receipts”. Furthermore, what Patients want (and surely common sense would dictate) is multiple appointment dates on one receipt OR invoice. The way the system is constructed at the moment, if a Patient wants a Receipt for say 3 appointments, you have to give them 3 separate receipts which is such a waste of time, printer ink and letterheaded paper. So in fact I don’t use the print receipt facility with Cliniko I have to go into a Word Document and manually make a receipt.
Also there should be a facility to create an Invoice, either for Patients who like to pay for their appointments at the end of the treatment OR more commonly for Insurance companies. Again I need the facility to group a number of treatment sessions on one Invoice


Hi @HughR, if you’re looking to combine multiple Invoices onto one Statement/PDF, I recommend using our Account Statement feature. You can combine individual Invoices onto one so if the patient prefers to pay at the end of their treatment or after a number of Invoices, the Account Statement will be a great option for you :raised_hands: !

Here are the steps to create an Account Statement:

Hope this helps.


Hello Rachel

Thank you so much for your reply. That is exactly what I am looking to do.

I am sure when I asked in the past I was told I simply had to create separate invoices or receipts which I thought didn’t seem right.

I am fairly new to Cliniko but as I get to know my way around I love it more and more! It is a really great tool and I am so grateful for the instant backup and support that you guys give. I am a big fan.


Hugh Ruxton