Invoice numbering options


Hello Cliniko Community,

We love the software, love the ease of use, the online booking system, the list goes on but we work in Spain and in Spain, every practitioner has to have chronological invoice numbers.

E.g.: Practitioner 1 has Invoice 0001, followed by 0002, followed by 0003 and so on! You can’t have Invoice 0001, followed by 0008, followed by 0013

It would make our lives so much easier if we could number our invoices by practitioner instead of the system we have now, where there is no other option in numbering.

We are forced to use a different software just for our invoicing. I can’t imagine we’re the only ones that would benefit from being allowed to change invoice numbers or have the option to have them numbered by practitioner rather than by clinic. Like other self employed osteopaths that work together.

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Hola Como Estas Christian, I think your idea is good. However, Cliniko might need some information to know whether this issue should be a priority for them Such as what law’s or Governments Regulations Require such things. If it’s a local or National issue as well.



Hello Daniel,

I’ve had it confirmed from 3 accountants that this is the national norm in Spain.

This is the reference to the law: (It’s in Spanish)

En la Ley actual, 1496/2003, en su articulo 6.1 a), expresa:

“Número y, en su caso serie. La numeración de las facturas dentro de cada serie será correlativa”.

This has been a bit of a headache for us because if we could number the invoices by practitioner, we wouldn’t have to make them separately and we’d save a lot of time.