Invoice Format Options - Customise

Please introduce customising or formatting options for invoices and the like.

I am having issues with the ‘incomplete’ look of the invoices.
One issue is: Currently on an invoice it states the business name and ABN as one line.
Eg. ‘Medical Example Pty Ltd ABN 41 236 555 51’

I would like to alter the font, put ABN on another line etc.
We also would like to adjust the spacing, align the text elsewhere, logo etc.


Hi @TMS, admittedly the current layout of our invoices could use some TLC! I’m hopeful that we’ll see some changes in that, but I don’t have an ETA, so unfortunately cannot estimate when it will occur.

You can add your logo to invoices, and you can also add other relevant contact information. If you’re having troubles with the layout at the moment, there might be a way to change it (such as add the ABN into the “contact settings” for invoices, rather than in business settings). If you’d like, please send us an email at with an example of what your invoices look like, and we can have a look and may be able to offer some guidance!