Inventory Tracking help!


Help! We are having a very tricky time keeping inventory accurate. What procedures do you have in place to ensue accuracy? Does anyone use a scanner? If so, what brand? Pros? Cons? Set-up and integration with Cliniko?
I appreciate any and all insight and assistance!


While I don’t have a recommendation for a scanner, I do know some clinics will use a simple USB scanner to help search for products. It’s not going to make Cliniko into a super-quick POS system, but it can let you mouse-click to add a new product, then scan the barcode to find the product in your list. If anyone has any specific recommendations though, I’d love to hear as well!


Thanks! Does the scanner only search or will it populate an invoice as well?


The scanner will only search for a product. You would still need to create a New Invoice, add a Product, then scan the product using the scanner so it comes up in the search results.

Will be grabbing a scanner this week to create a video of the set-up and function process. So let me know if you have any additional questions you’d like me to cover :raised_hands:.


Good news, @cherylbeech5 ! I was able to get a hold of a barcode scanner and have made a video of the set-up process (including how it works in Cliniko): Using Barcode Scanners - Tip of the Week

Let me know if you have any remaining questions :raised_hands:!