Introducing SubmitKit - full ACC integration with Cliniko


SubmitKit is a web-based software application for New Zealand ACC providers who use Cliniko. SubmitKit integrates seamlessly with Cliniko and ACC, allowing you to create claims and send invoices, and track your ACC payments.All aspects of ACC processing are combined into one easy-to-use software program that can be used in any browser or on any device.

Lodge claims

  • Create ACC claims using your Cliniko data.

  • New Zealand address auto-completion allows quick and accurate form completion.

  • Pull through pre-existing claims from ACC using only a claim number.

  • There is even the option to go paper-less where clients fill out their ACC form on a device.


  • Your invoicing for a week or a custom date range, takes only a few minutes.

  • Create and send invoices to accredited employers.

  • Easily track of your claim’s treatment allowances and expiry dates.

Track payments

  • Quickly check your payments against your invoices, and view any warnings

  • Track any partial payments until they are paid

Full search capabilities

  • From with SubmitKit you can search ACC, for claims, invoices, or payments.

Flexible design

  • ACC claim lodgement and invoicing can be done as you wish - either as you go, or you can simply leave it to the end of a date period of your choice.

Multiple practitioner logins

  • Each user can have their own separate account with specific permission, so each user can do their ACC functions anytime, anywhere.

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