Introducing Cliniq Task Manager

Manage your day-to-day tasks much easier:

:point_right: *Easily manage: Say good-bye to all those messy spreadhseets! Help your team stay organized and focus on what needs to be done.

:point_right: Easily track: For each task, your staff can easily see its action history and use the guide-script to manage and complete it.

:point_right: Easily create: Get tasks created automatically based on your calendar events or manually create them using the mighty task creator.

Check it out here:


Get tasks created automatically and assigned to the right person at the right time. Tasks can be created based on any criteria, including Practitioner Tags, Calendar Events, Appointment Times, Satisfaction Surveys, Outcome Measurements or any other criteria.

Just imagine: Reminders to send letters to referrers at the right time, reminders to call patients when they DNA or Cancel at the right time and right person, reminders to fill a Treatment note that is overdue, reminder to call a patient with low satisfaction result, reminder to make a follow-up call, reminder to prepare a room for surgery one hour before an appointment type, reminder to call a patient when they have not responded to your recall SMS and emails, limitation is really the imagination.


You can also manually create once-off or recurring ad-hoc tasks with ease and assign them to as many users as you need. You can even set a custom time in order to make sure the timing is perfect!

Just imagine: Assign a task to admin staff to call a patient in 5 days, have a recurring task to keep paperwork up to date each Wednesday, remind yourself to make that special cup of coffee with penguin milk every 2pm.


Most tasks need some kind of communication channel. SMS, email and phone calls are at your fingertips when you use Cliniq Task manager. The system knows who your patient is, just type an email and click send, or use one of your own email or SMS templates and change a couple of words in them, if needed, and click send. No more searching for patient name, finding their details and copy pasting them into an email creator or SMS sender. The system will automatically take a note of actions taken. You can also add a note to each task at any time for future references and handovers.

Cliniq Task Manager is now available for everyone. Users are unlimited and free for task manager for our Activated clients. :raised_hands:

Enjoy Growing Your Practice :rocket:

Check it out here:

Cliniq Task Manager

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