Introducing Automatic Product Management – Cliniq Apps


Hi everyone,

:syringe: Inject some extra sales to your practice this year :syringe:

Happy new year! We have now released a new feature that enables you to automatically communicate with your patients based on their INVOICE ITEMS.

:guitar: Automatic re-fill / re-sell: If you are selling products to your clients e.g. Pillow, Orthotics, etc. Now you can automatically send re-fill, re-call, re-sell messages to your patients based on the expiry / re-check times of the products, based on your invoicing date.

:icecream: Super targeted re-call: If you want to automatically message your clients who had a specific item in their invoice at a time period and didn’t have that item after that (including group booking items), now you can do this automatically. :raised_hands:

:trophy: Cross-sell / Up-sell: Do you have products or services that match each other? Something like ‘Those who bought this also bought that’? E.g. Those who had a ‘Neck Pain’ purchased this ‘Pillow’ or those who purchased this ‘Cream’ also purchased this other item. You can now set the system to automatically detect those clients that have missed purchasing a product or service that match their profile and send them a friendly message to action. :raised_hands:

To do this simply login to your account and create your desired patient group by going to a new section we have released -> invoice items. Feel free to combine this feature with all other filtering categories such as demography or number of past visits to get maximum outcome.

Enjoy growing your practice in 2019!