Introducing Advance Email Builder πŸŽ‰ (HTML)

Hi :wave:

I am excited to let you know that we have launched our new Advance Email Builder. :rocket:

This feature helps you create beautiful emails with just a few clicks. The system automatically ensures responsiveness to different screen sizes and types.

:tada: Data: It works seamlessly with your Cliniko data for inserting variables like appointment times, names, practitioners, addresses, and many more.

:tada: Templates: You can choose from the list of templates that we have provided. You can amend the templates or maybe create your own. As always, we respect your brand in your communications. This is why we have done our best to give you enough flexibility to make the templates your own and, with minimum effort, create emails that work the best for you.

:tada: GDPR and Australian Privacy Act: An essential aspect of this feature is that we are not using third-party systems to generate your emails. Your data and patient data remain in the same secure and trusted system you have been using so far.

Now when you go to your Message Templates and click the β€˜+New Message’ when you choose to make a new email, you will see this feature as a new option.

Please feel free to set up a free demo session with us or sign-up at to check it out.