Integration With Google Bookings

Hey there Cliniko,

I’ve noticed that Google has rolled out an integration to allow booking appointments straight from the search results. They currently have Full Slate as the sole provider, is this something you’ve been looking at. As Google is our ultimate overload (all hale google), it would be great to have Cliniko as part of this.

From my end, I’m trying to remove as many barriers to a booking as possible. As much as I love people browsing my beautiful website, I know people would book from the search result if they had the option.


That would be a real game changer if Cliniko could get that rolled out as well. I suppose it varies depending on in which country you are based, but currently Google has 28 active partners (including Mindbody and Fullslate) and 22 are listed as coming soon. A few of those are very much suitable for massage therapist like myself.

I miss quite a bit of business because people don’t click through to my website, but call the number they see in the Google search result. Since I work alone without a receptionist, this obviously doesn’t work when I’m in a treatment or otherwise unavailable. Only a few leave a voicemail or try it online instead, most just call the next therapist on the Google results page. While some certainly never want to book online, others would if there was an obvious link in the search result. I would like to make booking as easy as possible.

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Wow Frank!

22 Partners!!! I thought it was a fairly beta thing Google was implementing. I’m definitely keen to get this pushed with Cliniko now

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Well, it is fairly beta. Not all of the systems are for therapists. Quite a few specialise in restaurant bookings or other trades, but with Mindbody, Fullslate, Setmore, appointy, booksy and a few others I haven’t heard of before already active partners and MassageBook, Square Appointments, Booking Bug and treatwell coming soon, a lot of my local competitors/colleagues will be able to offer that.
Whether I like supporting Google or not, that will be a difficult to ignore feature when choosing a booking system.
I haven’t found anything about pricing, although I assume it will be like Google Shopping, the first few years are free and once established Google wants a slice of the cake.

We’re taking a look to see if Cliniko can be added as a “Reserve with Google” partner :raised_hands:! No immediate news at the moment but we’ll reach out to everyone if this is plausible/added.

Thanks for getting back Rachel,

I see they’ve got a new one and I’d be stoked to see you guys there!

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Hey Luke!

We have reached out to Google and have indicated our interest in integrating with Reserve. Good news is that they are keen to integrate with us, bad news is they are just in the planning stages of integrating with medical appointments for regions outside of the USA.

To quote: “At this stage, as a region, we are intending to focus on a few verticals and scale them and then expand”. I’m trying to get a timeline for us; I’m hoping for sooner than later!

We will update once we know more :smile:

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Hi there Jason, just replying to your response to this thread on September 7.
Has there been any advancement on integrating Cliniko w Google? This would be an amazing function to those clinics that primarily use online bookings obviously…

Hi Shane!

I agree that this functionality would be useful! I have heard back from Google on this, and they have let me know that we will be informed when they are ready to open this up for more health care tools. He has given me a loose timeframe of “at least a couple quarters away”.

I will definitely keep on them and update the thread once we have more details!



Hi Jason and admin,

any update here? It’s been a couple of quarters… any chance u could contact Google again for timeframe?

Otherwise can u suggest a work around?