Integration Enquiry - Automatic Invoice Creation

Hi guys,

I’m an administrator for a practice that has about 30 users, and was looking for an integration which could automatically create invoices for us on a daily basis. At the moment it takes over an hour a day to create the next day’s invoices, and it’s a very simple and repetitive task with only a very small percentage of invoices being unique or otherwise difficult for a program to create.

What I’m looking for is something that can do the following in the morning of each day:

  1. Look at today’s appointments and only access specific appointments (we have non-billable appointment types, however the majority of appointments are billable).
  2. For each of those specific appointments, create an invoice for that appointment and set the “Issue Date” to the date of the appointment (in case I’m running the program the day before).
  3. Double check the invoice information before the invoice is created to make sure there are no discrepancies.
  4. If there are any discrepancies or other weird things, do not create the invoice and continue with the other invoices for the day.
  5. Create the invoice and repeat for every other appointment of the day.

I’m really hoping that this is something that an existing integration is already able to do, so that I don’t need to spend a number of hours programming it myself.

I don’t mind having to handle special cases manually, nor having to run a program manually each day - I’d just like to cut out a majority of the repetitive work.

Thanks for your help everyone.

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Hi @geordannik

I’m afraid invoices aren’t exposed to our API at the moment, so there is no integration available that can help you out with that, nor can one be created right now :pensive:.

I know exposing invoices to the API is something that has been discussed previously, and I’ll bring it up with the team to see if thats something we’re likely to see in the future.



A slight correction @geordannik invoices CAN be read through the API but aren’t able to be created or modified at this stage.


Thanks a lot Matt, I was thinking of coding my own little program that can make the invoices for me but if the creation is blocked off from the API I guess I’m out of luck at the moment.

While I have you, are payments able to be applied through the API? Another very tedious task we have is processing remittances that go into our bank account and applying them to the relevant invoices, as our remittances are received in bulk.

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Sorry for the delay @geordannik I’m afraid no financial information (including payments) can be modified via the API at this stage

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