Integrating Stripe payment link into invoices

It would be great to integrate a Stripe payment link into outstanding invoices sent to clients for the outstanding amount.


@David_Phillips did you want to send a Payment Request via Stripe after a patient has come through the practice?

Cos that is what I’m after as well.

I’m keen to have a Stripe payment link embedded into an outstanding invoice in Cliniko for the outstanding balance. So not via Stripe per se, if I understand you correctly.

This feature is available in Xero, which I also use, but it would be nice coming from a Cliniko invoice.

Dara from Cliniko got back to me with options for workarounds and these were helpful, but not EXACTLY what I am looking for.

I am keen for this feature as well. I am purely Telehealth prior to this current pandemic, and have clients pay after the session (as ongoing appointments are booked upon client onboarding for the next 6 months).

Most of my clients aren’t very tech savvy, so if there’s a “Pay Now” button on an invoice which I send to them after an appointment, that would really decrease my admin time chasing payments.

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So what I managed to do (if it’s just like Xero), I was able to go into my Stripe dashboard and issue a separate invoice for payment request to my client.

However, I had to manually onboard their details into the Stripe dashboard to reflect that they are a “new” customer to Stripe but not to Cliniko.

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Yes, this is pretty much what I need to do in Xero. It works but it would be nice and easier to do through Cliniko.