Integrating Psychometrics

This is a question for mental health practitioners, can you recommend any psychometric app that can integrate with CLiniko? otherwise how do you stream line incorporating psychometrics into your patient records? thank you!


Hi there - did you manage to make any progress with this? We’re wanting to do the exact same thing, would be so helpful to have it all in Cliniko.

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Hi @Powertolive and @JLC , we at cliniqapps have very flexible forms with a scoring mechanism. We might be able to help streamline everything in your Cliniko patient records. Please set up a demo with us at We can show you the functionality of the forms and check if it fits your requirement.

I’ve just been making template forms for K10+ and SDQ11-17. I wondered if there was a place to share templates with others, whom we may not know? It takes a while to transcribe a psychometric test or outcomes measure into a template form so it would be great if there was a hub where those who have completed some could upload to share with others - smart working instead of hard working. I have read the information about being able to share templates with colleagues, but this only works if you know other people on cliniko and know who has templates they can share. If there was a user-created library of templates that could be really useful and save some time!

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No, i have approached various tech people and it is more complex than I appreciated so will try the sales pitch below and see what they can do.

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