Integrated Fax and online forms


Hi guys
With NBN rolling out more and more clinicians are losing their fax capability (or are paying way too much for it).
I have found an Australian online fax service that meets our healthcare information act requirements AND have been very happy with their ease of use, pricing and security.
It would be amazing to see an integration between Cliniko and GoFax. GoFax have the ability to send and receive faxes online securely, you can port or forward your existing fax number or use a new one, you can have multiple numbers (for different locations) on one account and different accessibility for different users.

Being able to fax directly from patient files in cliniko and save received faxes directly to patient profiles would save time, paper and make our workload far more efficient.
GoFax also has the capability to add online secure forms so that we could send patients a link to new patient forms, check up or evaluation forms and then have that information saved directly to their patient profile in cliniko securely.

I would love to see these two amazing platforms working together soon. I have also messaged GoFax about this and they seemed interested in this.