Instinctive Notes - Compliant Clinical Notes for Australian Chiropractors


Hi All,

Nick here from Instinctive Notes, I wanted to let you all know about the release of version 2 of our iOS app which provides compliant clinical notes for Australian Chiropractors.

Instinctive Notes is one of the oldest Cliniko integrations and from the outset we have taken a different approach to clinical note taking. Starting from the AHPRA Chiropractic note taking guidelines we have built an app and service which has compliance built in.

We remove the stress and risk of you having to build note taking templates yourself by making sure all the requirements are covered off and nothing critical is missed.

Our full SOAP notes allow quick recording and management of:

  • Wellness ratings
  • Complaints
  • Test results
  • ROM/Posture/Pain diagrams
  • Assessments/Diagnosis
  • Multiple schedule types
  • Adjustment codes, including standard templates for major chiropractic techniques
  • Muscle/Organ/Limb/Cranial work with shortcut codes
  • Product prescriptions
  • Home care recommendations
  • Exercises

Beyond SOAP notes you can add:

  • Medical Alerts
  • General patient notes
  • Attachments

Notes are recorded in a purpose built app for the iPad and iPhone, so it’s fast and secure. All information stored in a patient record can be accessed directly through the App. We’ve built resiliency in so that you can still take notes if you have no Internet connection.

The service comes with support for your Assistants so they can view patient schedules, product prescriptions and more, all through the Instinctive Notes companion web app.

Your Cliniko data is leveraged through the integration so that there is no double keying of patient or appointment info. We know exactly what appointments you have so we can keep track of the notes you take and make sure you never miss a note.

If you are interested in compliant clinical notes without the stress of doing it yourself then we’d love if you’d take a look at Instinctive Notes and let us know what you think.

You can find it all out at and we have video tours so you can see it in action.