Instant Chat Messaging to the Practitioners


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there was an option to “chat” with the practitioners within the practice.
i.e. when I cover the front desk and I need to message a practitioner because I cant get to them in person, I will email. If Cliniko had a unique chat option per practitioner and they can communicate to my admin account while I cover reception that would be great!

Sort of like Skype or MSN with instant messaging. So we can increase communication between the treatment rooms and the front desk re: billings i.e. “bill a theraband or k-tape with that” etc.

Usually we write messages in the appointment notes under the booking but sometimes they get missed.

Do let me know your thoughts

Kind regards


It would be great if it was within Cliniko because Cliniko is always open for everyone on their desktops !


Hi Brenda!

Cliniko itself doesn’t have an option for a chat interface, and it’s unlikely that we’ll be adding something like this—as there are a lot of other tools that already do it really well!

The team here at Cliniko use something called Slack ( to communicate with one another, and we absolutely love it. You can create “channels” within it, so you could have one for “Billing” or one for “Treatment Room A” or something like that. You can also chat privately with one other person, or have private groups.

You can have Slack open at the same time as Cliniko, and it works really well on desktop—and it even works on mobile devices, so if some people would prefer to use their phone or tablet instead of their computer, they can do that!

I’d recommend having a look at it—we think it works really well!




I tried slack but found Skype better for us.
We Skype between clinics.
I have it in my phone too. So if a patient is early for the afternoon session the receptionist can Skype my room and I get it on my phone too.
Skype messages ping and show as a notification on the screen too. Though I sometimes use split view to keep it open and alongside cliniko.


Instant chat would be amazing. As a remote reception, to have the ability to,send instant messages to the clinic would be hugely beneficial to them.


We use slack too and it works fine.

What I would like is the dashboard that has a tick box to see which practitioner has read info and also to be able to choose who to see the Dashboard messages


We would like a tick box or some way of being able to see that the Dashboard message has been actioned at first glance or whether it is an outstanding item, especially for handing over to other admin staff.


Would you agree that if we’re using Slack, there should be a notification that pings our Slack channel should our patients arrive?

That would be truly helpful!!