Improving patient data formatting & searchability


This has popped up in the old community requests but allow me to reiterate it here:

  1. It’s a small thing but reformatting entered data into capitalisation would be good. It kills me when patients have a love of caps lock, or maybe they haven’t heard of the shift key. This comes in to play when using things such as MailChimp or Cliniq Apps.
    The data can be incorrectly formatted for future emails or letters which then makes my business look like the illiterate culprit!

  2. Please please please reformat phone numbers to a consistent style (ie. 04xx xxx xxx). Mobiles aren’t effectively searchable with the inconsistent formatting. Searching with spaces will give a different result than those without!


Hi Luke!

Thanks for both of these! (And thanks for helping to kick off the discussion in your other post! :dancer:)

That’s interesting about data reformatting, but I see where you’re coming from, especially with regards to sending communications out (and then incorrectly formatted stuff looks like it came from the clinic!) I’m not sure if/how this is something we could do, as I imagine there are cases where (for some weird reason) something is supposed to be all-caps, or all lowercase. Now, I personally don’t know how often this would occur, but it’s one of those things where we would have to try to figure out what data should be reformatted upon entry, and it would have to be a global thing—so always a certain field of the address, for instance, but there isn’t really a way to know what the “right” thing to reformat would be, in different cases! :thinking: It’s definitely some food for thought, though!

Regarding phone number search, a few months back we made some changes to how the search worked—we made it not care about spaces or punctuation. However, we had to roll back that change because there were some performance issues that cropped up. :confused: I was chatting with one of our developers today and he said that there’s a possibility that we might be able to bring that function back with some upcoming changes, but I don’t know for sure right now. We unfortunately can’t make the phone numbers have a required format as Cliniko is used in so many countries, each with different formats for numbers—so if we required 04xx xxx xxx, it would mean that folks in other places wouldn’t be able to properly format their numbers! It’s a bit of a conundrum, and not one with a terribly easy solution—this said, I definitely believe that phone number search should be easy, so my fingers are crossed that with some future changes we make behind the scenes, spaces or format simply won’t matter at all!




I also agree with the improved searchability. I’d love an Apple “spotlight” type search at the top of the appointments where you can type anything and get info. Ie. “First Name” = all people with that name, or “invoice Firstname” shows invoices for that person. It might only save a few clicks but would very much help in the situation where to try to find someone’s appointment and have to go Clients>Name>Appointments vs Appts page>Search “Firstname Appt” and see a list pop down!


Being able to search by both phone number regardless of the formatting and address would be useful. Sometimes if the phone isn’t answered we look at the call log and have a laborious process of trying out the various spacing options to see who they were.
I have exported a database to an excel spreadsheet so I often use that to search for address and phone number since it’s quicker.


Hey Emily,

A super timely response I know! I can totally appreciate the variability of formatting globally. Could I suggest a possible solution such as - having the user select their preferred format or have it left as default.