Improvements to the Patients by Total Invoiced report


We’ve made some changes to the Patients by total invoiced report! :dancer:When you run that report, it’s now sorted in order of:

  • Amount spent
  • Last name
  • First Name
  • Patient ID (which is an internal ID that Cliniko assigns automatically to each patient)

For example:

Note: The person who’s spent the most will show up first in the list, but in case two people have spent the exact same amount (a tie!), the report will be ordered by amount spent, then name. If two people have the same amount spent and the same name, that’s where the ID comes in—it’ll be the “tie-breaker”!

This makes the table more stable, and prevents missing and/or duplicate rows when paginating! :tada:(And we’re big fans of reports that work properly, so we’re doing the happy dance over here! :dancing_women:‍♀️)