Improvements to the editing process for repeating appointments

We’ve made some changes that should help to improve the process of editing repeating appointments! :spiral_calendar:

In the past, if you made a change to a series of appointments (such as adjusting the time, or changing the practitioner), what happened was that all existing appointments would be deleted, and subsequently recreated (with the new ones having the updated changes).

This wasn’t the worst thing, but it also wasn’t exactly ideal, because you could end up having a ton of deleted appointments floating around, which may not be handy for reporting! With the new method, existing appointments will actually be changed, not deleted and recreated. This is overall a much “cleaner” way of handling any edits to repeating appointments!

For some context, here’s an example of what it used to look like if you made a change to a series of repeating appointments:

And here’s an example of what it looks like now, with the new modifcations to the process:

As always, if you have any questions, our support team is here to help! :hugs: