Improvements to tabs on treatment notes

Hi there,
When you’re looking at a treatment note on an iPad and you click the top right arrow/button to open the 3 tabs ‘Previous notes/Patient info/Appointments’, some small changes would be great.

If ‘Previous notes’ were collapsed down or collapsable it’d be easier to navigate through - it’s very difficult to find a particular visits notes at the moment.

For me in ‘Patient info’ I only get to see their DOB. To be able to customise this or see related patients or occupation or referral source, or even completed forms would be great.

And for ‘Appointments’ it’d be great to see a full list of previous appointments - I think it only shows the last 5 at the moment. Having more would be helpful if you’ve recommended a schedule of (more than 5) visits and want to quickly keep track of how far you are into it.

Hope this doesn’t sound like I’m complaining about Cliniko, because its been amazing and I love the treatment notes - just think these small changes would make things much easier.

Cheers, thanks!

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I’d also love to see 'previous notes" collapsed down to make it easier to navigate through past notes