Improvements to letters

Hi guys,

I am wondering if there is any update about improving the letters section? At present this is still quite clunky. I note that this has was acknowledged as an area needing improvement in August last year, but there don’t seem to have been any changes. I have suggested some improvements that could be made below:

Placeholders for personal pronouns – he/she/they – him/her/they etc. Not having placeholders as an option in the letter templates greatly diminishes the usefulness of the letter templates, as having to manually insert or correct pronouns is both time consuming and also creates an opportunity for errors which look unprofessional. I was impressed with the personal pronoun options on the details section of the file, but it seems to me that this is not being fully utilised if these are not then carried into communication about the client and the placeholder function would ensure this occurs.

Ability to fully justify and centre text to allow for correct formatting of letters.

Option to email letters on letterhead

Being able to scroll through notes while writing a letter – i.e., having a split screen to allow for this as well as a full-screen view to allow for editing of letters in print view.

Larger viewing pane option – to be able to view in print layout to format correctly.

Thanks for any changes or updates on this!



Ohhh to justify!!! I have to cut and paste my letters into word to get the standard of letter that I want!

No colour, unable to justify

I am quite mortified that a number of my team are doing this as well. I really feel that a PMS should help us avoid tasks such as this.


Agree, finding for a super forward PMS that this area is lacking! We’re looking to work hard on GP letters and this section is difficult to do this

In addition to this, I just found out that one of my staff members is writing their letters in Word, then attaching it to the client file in the files section, thus bypassing the letters section (and the preferred templates that I have set up) altogether!

It would be incredibly time saving to:

  • be able to print to PDF from Cliniko with our letterhead template in the background, not just the clunky logo placement option
  • format the letter (adjust font, paragraph spacing and layout) within Cliniko rather than copying into to Word to ensure the letter looks professional
  • add a digital signature
  • email this professional looking pdf letter (formatted & on our letterhead) directly to the GPs from within Cliniko.

Hi Cliniko Team,
I am just wondering if there is any more progress toward addressing the issues with letters? I know that you have been aware of these for some time, and I see that others are also frustrated by the limitations of this area of the software.
Letters to referrers are so fundamental to what we do, and are our best marketing tool, but right now I don’t feel Cliniko is offering the right tool to do them well. Please can we make some of the small improvements mentioned above?


+1 - maybe Cliniko could scrape the requests from these le=ists and release a timeline of features - what will be added and when?


Hey, all :wave: Late to the party :laughing: Formatting options in letters (and other patient-facing areas of Cliniko) is something that definitely leaves a bit to be desired :grimacing:

It’s something we’re aware of and keen to tackle at some point. I don’t have any specific information on plans for that just yet, as I think other things are probably a bit higher on the list at the moment, but I’ll definitely raise this one with the team again as they’re currently trying to prioritize some tasks for the new year. I agree! It would be great to get some more robust formatting options into letters, confirmation/reminder templates, etc.

One thing I do know of that’s being worked on/planned is signatures in other areas of Cliniko. You might have noticed that we added patient signatures to our patient forms feature a bit after its release.

We do have plans to incorporate practitioner signatures into other areas and we’re aware that – in some modalities and regions – practitioner signatures are required for certain documents, so we’d like to make that a more convenient process than having to export, print, sign, scan, and send :smiley:

Hope that helps a bit, at least! Thanks so much for being willing to provide your feedback. Great idea about pursuing opportunities to better tie-in with the pronouns that we’ve already introduced into patient files!


Thanks Ramsey, it is good to have a response from Cliniko.

In addition to all of the above posts, I would just like to add that appears to me that Cliniko are viewing letters as further down the list of priorities, where as the reality for us is that this is one of the most frequently utilised features of Cliniko for our clinicians (after writing notes). Furthermore, letters form our primary communication with our referrers and are essentially our best marketing material. Therefore improving this utility is an incredibly high priority for us. I previously noticed acknowledgement of the shortcomings with letters by Cliniko staff prior to COVID, and although I understand why developing other features needed to be prioritised to respond to COVID, I fear that changes to letters will remain and “acknowledged shortcoming” with no further action.


Agree with Sally - at the moment, Cliniko’s letter feature is pretty much unusable - it’s easier to use Word. It really needs a major overhaul. Given at least 2 hours a week of my time is writing GP letters, having proper system that can prepopulate a letter would be incredibly useful.


I fully agree that as a desired improvement from a user point of view this is a very high priority.
We lose so much time in formatting professional looking letters externally because of the limitations in Cliniko.
Please see my requests from November 2020 :crossed_fingers: