Improved treatment note navigation

I think it would be helpful to be able to view a list of case notes in the margin of the Treatment Notes section of the client file, so that the date and type of all notes are listed and can be clicked on to navigate to the actual notes. At present I find it difficult and annoying to scroll through all case notes (which are sometimes lengthy) to find the correct note entry if looking for past information, and the filter option generally doesn’t help with quick browsing of past notes.


I agree Sally. We tried adding a ‘title’ section to notes, but so many of our notes are on the same topic/s that doesnt work. Would love to be able to scroll more quickly and navigate around the notes better…

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I also agree! It also would be great to be able to order by date of appointment not date created.

I agree that ordering by date of appointment would also be great. Or the option to choose between the two for those with different needs.