Improved log in from the Cliniko website

Keeping your information safe is one of our top priorities. And with this in mind, we’ve improved the security of the Cliniko login process.

Now, when you access your account from the Cliniko website, you’ll be asked for your email address.

Then, we’ll send a message to your inbox where you’ll see your account. If you have multiple accounts, you’ll find all of them listed in this email.

All you need to do is select your account, and you’ll be taken to your login page where you can enter your information, just like normal.

Quicker access

If you’ve logged in recently on this device (and selected “Keep me logged in on this computer”), instead of the email, you’ll be given a quick way to get into your account.

And if you have multiple accounts, you will see all of them listed here.

Just select your account, and voilà! You’re in!

That’s it! Convenience and security combined in one nifty package. If only new year’s resolutions were this easy!

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I have a problem with this new login protocol.

I work with 2 x Cliniko files as the receptionist and the same 2 Cliniko files as the bookkeeper.

I use a Mac desktop - as the receptionist I have 2 Safari windows open, one for each Cliniko file.

When I am bookkeeping I have been opening the 2 files using Google Chrome. That way I can still work as the receptionist while bookkeeping.

Today, I have the 2 receptionist files open - I attempt to log in to one of the bookkeeping files, the email is sent to my bookkeepers email, I forward that to my email here at the clinic, click on the link, with a Mac the link is automatically opened in Safari as a receptionist.

How do I open the bookeeping files without having to close the receptionist files?

Hey Leanne,

That sounds like your Default Browser is set to “Safari”. That means that clicking a link on your device will always open it up in Safari!

If you open Chrome first, then copy the link from the email to the browser, then that should open it in Chrome for you. I’d then recommend to bookmark that link in your Chrome browser for easy access next time!


That worked
Thank you Clinton .

I use Cliniko at many different sites. One is a factory where I do onsite physio. I only use that computer for Cliniko and do not have access to email from that computer. How am I supposed to login there now?

I am in the same boat, this new update is really impacting me

Hey @adrian and @brentonwest ,

Once you know your “subdomain” you can just write that directly into a computer to get to your login page. So for example, if you know that your account is at then you can just write into the address bar on the computer, and you can skip the whole “Find your login” tool entirely.

The subdomain is just that first part of the web address before If you need help figuring out your subdomain though, you can contact us on support and we’ll get you sorted!

I just wanted to update this post to let you all know that we’re aware of the mistakes we’ve made with this release. I’ve written a little bit about it here

We’re looking to make improvements to it now.

This update is terrible. I believe the log in process was secure enough and certainly long enough time wise as it was. The email to log in takes way too much time and is very inconvenient if on a computer that doesnt have your email on it.
Why would you release something that has such an impact to users without letting us know first?? I have had all of my staff having all sorts of trouble logging in!

We’ve mostly gone back to the old log in process. Details here Log in from the Cliniko website is easy again.

Sorry for the trouble caused in the meantime.