Improve template editing save error response

As a new user investigating the platform, I wasn’t familiar with Cliniko’s standard response to clicking a template editor save button. I would press “save”, there was no response, and I continued believing the save to be successful. When I was finished editing, I navigated away. This action deleted my form.

This upset me, and could have easily led to me leaving the platform. Fortunately, I decided to design the form again. In doing so, I worked out that saving typically generated a response. I then worked out that when there is no response, any form fields in error have their own error messages generated by clicking “save”. However, if these fields are more than one screen-height above the lowest one, their error messages will not be seen by the user when “save” is clicked (unless they scroll up the page).

I suggest that when such fields are in error, that an error message appear next to the save button when the save button is pressed (as the success message is). Something like “Form cannot be saved until it’s field errors are fixed. Please review fields.”

It is also fortunate that Cliniko’s form editor is much easier to use than those of some competitors, and the lost form was replicated quickly :slight_smile: