Import unavailable calendar eg. Australian NSW public holidays etc etc

It would be great if we could import a calendar for unavailabilities. E.g. Public Holidays (Who has time to block the same dates out every single year!)

The way I could picture this working would be Settings --> data imports --> unavailabilities --> navigate to a pre-downloaded excel document with all the dates you would like blocked out --> import document. At this stage you will get a prompt that gives you a selection of practitioners you would like to apply these unavailabilities to.

This would also allow you to add any additional dates to the spreadsheet before importing, eg. a spouse’s birthday, planned holiday etc etc.

Ultimately, the public holiday calendars would be made available in the correct format by Cliniko. If desired you could open the spreadsheet and add or subtract dates for your own needs. You could even make your own spreadsheet that you simply import every year if you have forced closures or reoccuring unavailabilities.

To go one step further column 1 would be dates and column 2 would be notes. If column 2 is blank it will simply default to ‘unavailable’ like it already does when there is no note.

What does everyone think?