Images in letters

The Letters tool is great but it would be so helpful if you could insert images (.jpg) into a letter. We have tables, and photos that we often need to insert into a treatment letter for a GP. I end up having to do them in word and filing them.

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You can! My reception people often copy over a chart I’ve made in Excel or Google Sheets. No problem, but I do prefer formatting the final letter in Google Docs or Word - more formatting tools and flexibility.

Thanks so much for you input Julian - I had been trying to insert local pics, however we’ve found that they need to be internet based and then you can insert. them so great input thank you.

Hi everyone! Images in letters is on our agenda; we just don’t have a specific ETA yet. We’re currently working to get some high-priority features out (i.e. Medicare, online payments) and when those are finished, we’ll be able to revisit other tasks. We know how handy it would be to be able to incorporate images into your letters!

If you had any other questions, please let us know.


Great to know that you’re working on Medicare Emily :smile: