If a product import is deleted, any invoice that might have included one of the deleted products can now be properly edited

We’ve made a change to the invoice-editing process that should make your life easier!

Previously, if you deleted a product import, any products from that import that had been added to invoices would remain properly displayed on the invoices they had been added to—but only if you didn’t edit the invoice. :grimacing:

If the invoice was edited for any reason, the product would disappear and show up as “undefined”. In addition, the revenue reports would display the product as simply “product”. While the financial part of the equation was there, the name of the product would simply no longer be available—which wasn’t terribly helpful! :sweat_smile:

We’ve changed things up so that if a product import is deleted, the related will still show up properly on invoices and revenue reports, even if the invoice is edited post product-deletion. This should make your reporting easier (and more accurate!).

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