Ideal team 'utilisation' rates

In a new guest post on the Cliniko blog today, Troy Parsons (Podiatrist, clinic owner, business mentor) explains what a utilisation rate is, and why you should be calculating it for your team.

Troy suggests that the ideal utilisation rate is 80%, to allow room in a practitioner’s contracted hours for admin, training/mentoring, and team meetings, as well as to make sure a team has the capacity to absorb patients if a practitioner is sick or unavailable.

Is this how your team/the team you work in runs?

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As the saying goes, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” and utilisation rates are right up there with retention rates and average client lifetime value. Whatever growth stage your practice is in it’s vital to know whether your team is under/over utilised to assist with training and/or recruitment decisions. If you want to optimise your Cliniko data in an easy to view automatically generated dashboard take a look at