Hyperlinks within Confirmations, Reminders communications

Hey @Bart_Lewis, @rachel, @Katie and team,

I seem to have a pretty good hit rate on feature requests… so I’m going to throw another one at you.

The majority of the time, we often like to give people info regarding their next appointment such as… local roadworks, parking options, what to wear (NOT speedos!) etc etc.

However, with the reminders being limited to a certain number of characters it is difficult to include a URL, even a shortened one. I wondered if would be possible to have an option to add a hyperlink with title?

It would direct people to certain pages on our website that will keep them updated with info without an unattractive URL within their reminders…

Let me know your thoughts,



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Cliniq apps can do this? Unlimited sms characters too.

Thanks @Dyerstclinic, @Ben_Boulter you can do this in Cliniq Apps. Have a chat with us and we will help.

Thanks guys. With respect to you guys, @Hootan, I found Cliniq Apps quite clunky and confusing as a user. Great from a communication perspective but it felt like the programme was trying to do a bit of everything rather than mastering one thing.

I think implementing a simple hyperlink button to reminder settings is simple enough for into be an inclusive, essential aspect of Cliniko. Any follow up @Bart_Lewis & @Katie would be awesome.

Thanks, Ben